Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the shine of my natural stone faded?

The leading cause of dulling and fading of a natural stone surface is surface wear. This wear can come from foot traffic or from objects being slid across the surface.

Cleaners can also play a role in the reduction in shine quality. It is important to use only cleaners made specifically for your natural stone. Some cleaners such as toilet cleaner will start to dull the finish rapidly, other multipurpose cleaners may require multiple uses to show any visible negative effect.

One other common reason for the loss of the stones brilliance is water. Polished stone around bath and kitchen areas is susceptible to an additional hazard. Water can cause the fading of natural stone in two ways. It can create stains in the surface from pooling water, and in the cases of Marble and Travertine the calcium in the water bonds to the stone and builds up over time creating a dull surface.

Other causes of dulling stone:

  • Carbonated water
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Coffee
  • Any acidic liquid

Can I protect my stone from wear?

You can do a great deal to protect your polished stone and keep it looking great. The first thing to remember is to use only cleaners designed specifically for your surface.

  • Use hot pads, placemats, and coasters on serving and eating surfaces.
  • Do not allow any liquid including water to stand on a stone surface.
  • Removing your shoes before walking on a stone surface significantly reduces wear.
  • Squeegee or towel dry shower walls after use.
  • Maintain your surface regularly especially in high traffic areas or those near water.
  • Seal the stone surface annually.

Will my natural stone ever shine again?

Most times the surface can be refinished as long as staining or scratches are not excessive. We offer several different services that we can tailor to meet your needs.

Can scratches be repaired?

The answer to this question is always maybe.

When the stone is scratched the crystals around the location of the scratch are damaged. Most minor surface scratches can be removed through resurfacing of the stone.

Are kitchen and bath cleaners hard on my stone?

Common household cleaners are very acidic or basic in nature and as such are harmful to most stone which require ph neutral cleaners. Some are worse than others when it comes to potential damage; dependent upon the chemical makeup of the cleaner.

Do I need to seal my stones surface?

Yes, however some surfaces are more in need of sealing than others and not all are sealable. On average stone should be sealed annually.

What is sealing?

The process commonly referred to as sealing of the stone does not in fact seal the surface. Meaning that it does not form an impermeable layer across the top of the stone. Products referred to as sealants for natural stone are actually an impregnator that is absorbed into the stone making it more resistant to staining.

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